This article is about the Jones matriarch from standard continuity. For the incarnation from Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!, see Mrs. Jones (Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!).
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Peggy Jones is the wife of Skip, and mother of Fred. She is very practical and she is constantly taking pictures with her camera with a really bright flash.

Physical appearance

Peggy in her beautiful dancing dress for the party.

Peggy is a middle-aged, plump Caucasian female, with bright blonde hair (like her son and her husband). On vacation, she (like her husband) wears garish "tourist" outfits (floppy hats, Hawaiian shirts, flip-flops, cargo shorts). She almost always has her flashbulb camera on hand. She also applies red lipstick.

During the costumed-themed dinner party on the ship, Peggy adorned herself in a lovely dancing outfit. This outfit comprised of a thin blue dress with short sleeves and extended down to her feet, where there was a large white fluff around them, along with two large fluffs on both her shoulders. She also wore a green sash around her waist, a necklace of pink pearls, pink high heels, two green plastic bracelets on her left wrist, and a hat comprised of various kinds of fruits.


Peggy is very kind, with a bubbly personality and cheerful demeanor. She has a very sweet, but slightly overbearing motherly manner towards not only her son (whom she dotes on) but the whole Scooby gang. Peggy is happily married to Skip, although she seems to be the dominant personality for the couple. She is also a shutterbug: taking pictures at every opportunity.


Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!

Peggy and Skip greeting Fred and his friends.

For Fred’s birthday, Peggy and Skip invite him and his friends on a cruise ship sailing towards the Bermuda Triangle in the Caribbean Sea. They are their at the port to welcome their son and friends right before they get on the ship. While there, she begins to embarrass her son with her slightly overbearing demeanor until Skip eases her concerns.

The night after the ship sets sail, the Ship’s captain, Captain Crothers, is seemingly abducted by an alien. When it’s revealed that the alien is actually the captain in disguise, Peggy and Skip reveal that it is actual a mystery pleasure cruise, which they arranged for since they know about the kids’ mystery solving activities.

The next day, Peggy witnesses the rescue of Dr. Rupert Garcia, flashing her camera in his face after he wakes up aboard the ship. When it appears Rupert is delusional, after rambling about being attacked by a crew of Ghost Pirates, Peggy and Skip escort him to the infirmary.

Later that night they attend the ship’s costume party, with Peggy wearing a beautiful blue dancing dress. When Rupert continues going on about the ghost Pirates, she tells him to stop talking about it and to get some food. When Mr. Mysterio comes on stage, she watches his act as he attempts to hypnotize Shaggy and Scooby. While Fred, Rupert, Daphne, Velma, and Skip go to check out some mysterious fog off in the distance of the distance Peggy remains to watch the show. Though Mr. Mysterio is unable to hypnotize Shaggy and Scooby, he is instead able to hypnotize everyone else that is looking at him in the room, including Peggy. During which he makes her and everyone else dance for him.

Peggy screaming in horror and despair as she and Skip are being carried off to the ghost Pirates’ ship.

After she and the others are released from his spell, the ship is attacked by Captain Skunkbeard and his crew. After escaping the dance room, Peggy escapes with Skip and Fred onto the side of the ship. While running away however, they are confronts by one of the crew who attacks the. Though Fred defeats the ghost pirate, two more of them take Skip and Peggy by surprise after emerging from a side door. One of the Pirates grabs Peggy by her waist and legs and then lifts her onto his shoulder before running off with her.

Sea Salt Sally unmasked as Peggy Jones.

The Pirates run back to their ship with Fred’s parents as their prisoners. Fred attempts to rescue them before the Pirates can make it back onto their ship, but fails miserably however. Peggy screams her son’s name in horror and despair as the pirate carrying her lifts her off his shoulder and onto the shoulder of another pirate who loads her onto the ship. She is last scene being carried off by the pirate onto the deck of the ship.

It is later revealed that Peggy, along with all the other people on the ship, along with Rupert’s crew, were hypnotized by Mr. Mysterio into becoming part of Skunkbeard’s crew (later revealed to be Biff Wellington). She was hypnotized into becoming Sea Salt Sally. Mr. Mysterio releases his spell on the hypnotized Peggy just as she is about to make Skip walk the plank. When she comes to, she attempts to save Skip from falling, but they both end up falling and holding onto the plank. Thankfully however, Scooby and Velma manage to rescue them by using two miniature drone airplanes.

Peggy is last scene celebrating alongside the rescued crew aboard the pirate ship the next morning.