Oz is a magical land in the film The Wizard of Oz. After Scooby-Doo tripped and fell unconscious, he dreamt that he, and his friends went to Oz.


Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (second series)

Season one

After being carried away by a tornado, the gang found themselves in Oz as the Tin Man (Scrappy-Doo), Scarecrow (Shaggy Rogers) and Cowardly Lion (Scooby). They found the Yellow Brick Toad who they follow to meet the wizard, but the Wicked Witch of the North by Southeast hindered their progress. After melting the witch in her castle, the Wizard gave them a ride on his balloon, unfortunately it only held three people and Scooby fell out and woke up in the real world.



  • Scooby also mentioned the Emerald City, the capital city of Oz.
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