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Oswald P. Burlington was the leader of the Benevolent Lodge of Mystery, and the founder of the Burlington Library.

Physical appearance

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His wealth made him look vain to some people.[1]

He became obsessed with other mystery-solving groups of four people and one animal mascot, and with the history of Crystal Cove, and finding the Cursed Treasure that supposedly lay buried beneath.[1]

He was very affection of his pet, Mr. Peaches. When he died, it greatly affected Burlington, who disbanded the group and lived out the rest of his days in the Burlington Library.


Early life

He went on all his adventures with his pet orangutan, Mr. Peaches. This stopped and the Benevolent Lodge split up by Burlington. He retired into the mountains where the mansion, that housed the famous library. He spent the rest of his life cataloguing the books and artifacts he had acquired over the decades. In the library, was a stone statue built of Mr. Peaches, treated as a memorial, where he placed the fruit of his namesake.[1]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

While in the library of the Burlington Library, the terror wood made Velma Dinkley hallucinate that the stone statue of Mr. Peaches had come to life and chased her. Then came Oswald and the rest of his team on their train, who seemed to distract and calm Mr. Peaches into joining them as a living orangutan. Oswald and Velma waved at each other before the Benevolent Lodge vanished. Velma's smile at seeing Oswald then turned into a scream.[1]



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