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Old Pete is the secret identity of Rip Bannon, a former Hollywood actor, who went into obscurity after he was scarred after an accident that he believed left him disfigured. With this new cover, he works a security guard at Pirahna Studios.

Physical appearance

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Early life

Rip Bannon

Rip Bannon.

Rip began his career as a young Hollywood actor starring as Deac Rivers in the super spy teen film, Spy Me a River, until an on set fire had scarred his chin, causing him to retire from acting because he didn't want the public to see his 'disfigurement'.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Ironically, he later reappeared working as a security guard at a film studio under the alias, "Old Pete". Mystery Inc. encounters him at the studio gate where he lets them in after telling them about their studio passes that they got from Velma's aunt. Velma later finds an old scrapbook of Old Pete's, which explains about the fire that took Rip Bannon's life. After Vincent Wong stated his reasons for dressing as the Faceless Phantom because he hated the production and if enough people quit, Old Pete appears and explains that he was the person in the suit of armour. Velma then deduces that Old Pete is really Rip Bannon. His beard was fake to hide the scar which was small and had tiny stitches. Daphne stated that the scar is unnoticeable. Rip was among those present at the debut of The Modem II.



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