Old Man Withers is an adult man who dressed up as Mojo Jojo, as the Mayor of Townsville, likely to frame one of them for kidnapping and robbery.

Physical appearance

An adult male with brown hair, thick eyebrows and a thick brown mustache. He wears a jacket, shirt, pants and shoes all of varying shades of green.


Not much insight is given. Based on the phrasing of the note he leaves the Powerpuff Girls he appears to be either incredibly cocky regarding his abilities to hide, or has a really hard time being subtle with his attempts at reverse psychology. Other than that, the only thing to go by is his angry expression when he is unmasked.


Cartoon Network Magazine

Old Man Withers Unmasked

Old Man Withers is unmasked.

Disguised as Mojo Jojo, disguised as the Mayor of Townsville, he purchases really rare, one-of-a-kind stationery. The following day he kidnaps Professor Utonium and steals his Chemical X, leaving behind a note addressed to the Powerpuff Girls which states they will never see either ever again. Unfortunately, with the help of Mystery Incorporated, they're able to track him down at the Mayor's office in Townsville Hall where he had tied up both the Professor and, for some unknown reason, the Chemical X. Upon his first unmasking, he is believed to be Mojo Jojo and is swiftly punched in the face by Buttercup. However, by declaring that he "would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling girls" he blows his cover and is subsequently unmasked for the final time. Although he is instantly recognized by Mystery Incorporated, he is unfamiliar to the Powerpuff Girls and Mayor. No motive is ever given for his crimes.



  • His name bears some similarity to Old Man Smithers, the culprit unmasked at the beginning of the live-action Scooby-Doo film, which was released the same year as the comic in which Old Man Withers appears.
  • Referring to a culprit as "Old Man X", though seldom - if ever - used in any of the animated series, has become somewhat of a trope for parodies of the franchise. In fact, the name "Old Man Withers" has appeared in both Wayne's World, as the culprit in Wayne and Garth's "revised" ending, and in the Family Guy episode Grumpy Old Man, as the mistaken identity Peter attributes to an old man whose face he rips off in a botched "unmasking", that he claims to be "the guy who owns the amusement park".
  • It is unlikely he is related to Sister Withers of Scooby-Doo! Return to Zombie Island.
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