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Old Daphne was the disguise of Judy Reeves. She was stuck with this look until the Evil Entity consumed her.

Physical appearance

She looked like an elderly Daphne Blake, with her orange hair turned gray, and wrinkles on her face.


Although she acted nice to Fred, she was evil, trying to manipulate her only son into giving her the Planispheric Disk.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

She used plastic surgery to look like an old version of Daphne saying that the Planispheric Disk destroyed Crystal Cove by speeding up time turning everybody to skeletons. This was to trick Fred into showing her where the Planispheric Disk was on a movie set of the destroyed city, while her husband, Brad Chiles (who was surgically altered to resemble their son), tried to find it in the real city by listening to their conversations.




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