Norma Deathman is a three hundred year old vampire and retired movie actress.

Physical appearance

A tall, thin female, with long black hair and a pale complexion, often wearing a black dress and dark coloured hat. In her younger years, she wore a pair of stone drop earrings, a small head pendant and an extravagant jewel encrusted necklace.

During her retirement from acting, she would wear a black funeral veil which obscured her face and teeth from view.


Although a vampire with an aversion to both the outside world and humans in general, Norma seems very caring of her monster servants and other fellow members of the undead, even going as far as throwing a party birthday party.

She also seems to have gained lifelong companionship with Woof Woof her pet werewolf. He has been at her side since at least 1933, when he was seen in a publicity photo for one of her movies.

Although Norma liked the idea of having Scooby and the gang "for dinner" upon revealing her true terrifying nature, she didn't bother to chase after them when they fled and just stood watching in amusement. The possible reason being she was either tired of chasing them around, having done so all evening, and/or was still grateful for them returning her stolen jewels and decided to just let them go. It is also possible that it was a joke and she was just trying to scare them off or that having them "for dinner" wasn't important to her considering there was other food.

Powers and abilities

Due to being a vampire she has an extended lifespan, a perpetual youthful appearance and probably immortality.


Early life

Norma Deathman, dubbed “The Horror Movie Queen” by fans, rose to fame in the early era of horror cinema. After filming her last movie Fangs for the Memories in 1933 she disappeared from the limelight and became an eccentric recluse.

While retired she refused to give interviews and lived in a mansion with a staff of monster like servants.

The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries

The Scooby-Doo Detective Agency infiltrated her birthday party disguised as Creepy Caterers in order to get an interview for Peep-Hole Publications. While there, they discovered that she hadn't aged in fifty years because she was actually a vampire. Upon revealing her secret to them, Norma told the gang that she was celebrating her 300th birthday, and insisted that she, along with her monster companions, had them for dinner. Less than enthusiastic about this idea, the Scooby gang ran for their lives out of Norma's mansion and escaped.