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I am Nightfright! Scream! Scream! Time for you to die!


Nightfright was the disguise of Argus Fentonpoof, a screenwriter.

Physical appearance

He is a blue-skinned demonic figure in a black cape. Nightfright almost looks like a Minotaur or Jersey Devil.


He seems persistent and ill tempered as seen when Vincent Van Ghoul was pretending that he wasn't even there.

Powers and abilities

He has superb athletic skill and can leap great distances.


Early life

He went bankrupt when Vincent Van Ghoul pulled out of his movie Scream, Scream! Time for You to Die in order to make a reality show.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Argus Fentonpoof unmasked

Argus Fentonpoof unmasked.

By wearing this costume and getting filmed terrorizing Van Ghoul and his guests, Fentonpoof hoped to start his own movie career. He paid off the other actors who were doing monster roles for Van Ghoul so that he could pretend to knock them all out easily. He was pleased when he was caught by the gang because he would get to make a movie about the case after he got out of jail.



Red Nightfright

Nightfright portrayed in Crystal Cove Online

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