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Nick J. Napolitano is a comic-book letterer.

Comic credits

Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

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Issue Title Role
79 The Ghostly Guest letters
80 The Gray Man letters
80 Cravin' the Raven letters
82 What a Ghoul Wants letters
82 Trouble in Store letters
83 You'll Never Lurk in This Town Again letters
83 Mystery Macabre letters
85 Wat a Scare! letters
85 Gargoyle Foil letters
87 Unfair Play at the Fair letters
88 Unbelievable Beast letters
88 The Shadow Knows letters
88 The Crossword Clue letters
89 In the Beatnik of Time letters
89 Velma's Crime Solving letters
89 How's Bayou? letters
90 All My Tomorrows letters
90 The White Shoe Scare letters
90 Fishy Story letters
91 The Kung Fu Ghost Girl letters
91 I've Lost My Glasses letters
91 The Maze of Maize letters
91 Roller Ghoster letters
92 A Wolf in Creep's Clothing letters
92 Code of Dishonor letters
92 The Curse of the Living Statue letters
94 The Haunted Half-Pipe letters
94 Spared Tires letters
94 What is What is What? letters
94 Write from Wrong letters
95 You've Got Ghoul! letters
95 The Pretend Painting letters
95 What's Missing? letters
95 Daphne's Fashion Trip letters
96 Follow That Monster! letters
96 Another Mystery All Wrapped Up letters
96 Big Game Haunter letters
97 Night of the Jinkies letters
97 Yo Ho Haunted letters
97 Shell Shocked letters
98 Most Haunted letters
98 Mixed-Up Mansions letters
98 Driving Me Batty! letters
99 The Fright Aquatic letters
99 Cowpoked letters
99 Things That Go Bump in the Walls letters
99 Saur Feat letters
100 The Trial of the Century! letters
106 The Ghostly Fruit Stand letters
106 The Dragon in the Bathroom letters
106 Danger-Prone Daphne letters
107 Howl in the Family letters
107 Shaggy and the Killer Sandwich letters
107 A Case for the Birds! letters
107 Howl's Well That Ends Well letters
110 The Greatest of Us All letters
110 Unmasking Made Easy letters
110 The 13th Floor letters
110 The Bed Sheet That Goes Boo letters
113 The Terror of Transylvania letters
113 Mad Science letters
113 The Perilous Pendulum letters

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (DC Comics)

Main article(s): Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (DC Comics)
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