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Ngogi is a part of the zoo attraction at 3 Stooges Ghost Town.

Physical appearance

Ngogi is a male orangutan with brown fur.


He's playful and mischievous. Shaggy Rogers rather harshly referred to him as being "neurotic," when first catching a glimpse of him of out in the desert.


Early life

According to Moe, Ngogi was a superstar at the London Royal Zoo, playing a command performance for sixteen "smash" weeks, until being transferred to the 3 Stooges Ghost Town.

During his time there, unexplained spooky things started happening, including the animals' cages mysteriously being unlocked, where they wandered off unsupervised into the desert. This was very likely the Amos Crunch and/or Rhino's doing, so the Three Stooges would be preoccupied with rounding up the animals while they could continue with secretly mining uranium.

The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

He was one of the animals that Shaggy Rogers spotted in the desert, along with an alligator and a camel. The Three Stooges soon arrived and chased after Ngogi, stumbling around until they caught him. Ngogi was then returned to the amusement park, along with the rest of the released animals.



  • His name is pronounced "Ngogi" (and spelt like that in closed captions), although, it sounds similar to "Ingagi" (which is the spelling in the subtitles), likely an in-joke to the 1930 exploitation film of the same name (about gorillas and woman), a reference which would go over kids' heads.
  • It's unknown if the amusement park existed before the Stooges bought it, so it can just be assumed Ngogi was sent to the 3 Stooges Ghost Town in the two months that they bought it.
  • He's ticklish.
  • Ngogi would actually be female, due to lacking the cheek pads of male orangutans.
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