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The Neon Phantom was the disguise of Bill Walker.

Physical appearance

He has a pure blue body with glowing green lights all over him, somewhat resembling a skeleton.


He reveled in his villainy, often delivering one-liners as he deprived establishments of their electricity.

Powers and abilities

He had the ability to drain electricity and cause entire buildings to black out. He did this by hooking a dimmer with a timer to the master circuit, so that when he struck, the power would go out on cue.


Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (first series)

Bill Walker unmasked

Bill Walker unmasked.

He wanted to scare customers away from the roller disco so he wouldn't have to move from his home.



Neon Phantom: So, you're the Sparkles, eh? Well, you'll sparkle no more!

Neon Phantom: Your next movie premiere will be done by candlelight!

Neon Phantom: Grand re-opening, eh? I welcome you now to the grand re-CLOSING!

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