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Natasha Fenk is a Dean at Darrow University.

Physical appearance

Dean Fenk is a middle-aged, gray-haired Caucasian woman. She has a sharp chin.


She quickly changed her mind about Prof. H.P. Hatecraft when a song based on his book made money for the university. This indicates that she is mercenary.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

She was friendly with Regina Wentworth. After Hatecraft and Mystery Inc. borrowed the "Dusk" van to find the Mystery Machine, Natasha wanted Sheriff Bronson Stone to arrest him, but Bronson was too interested in Obliteratrix. Natasha then fired Hatecraft and ordered him to clean out his office and be out by sunrise as she and Regina left. After Alice May was arrested by Sheriff Stone, Natasha arrived in the "Dusk" van looking for Hatecraft. When Hatecraft stated that he'll go clean out his office, Natasha actually rehired him upon the song based on Char Gar Gothakon: The Beast That Hath No Name has reached number one in Japan which made money for the university. With the Dusk series being out of Natasha's favor, she planned to have the van associated with it repainted to match one of Hatecraft's books. (Pawn of Shadows)

Season two

She fell in love with Don Fong, the cook at the Burlington Library. (Night Terrors)


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