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Nanette Musette was the housemaid of Winslow Nickleby's mansion.

Physical appearance

Nanette is a Caucasian young adult, with black hair that is tied back with a white lace headpiece. She wears a white and black French maid uniform and always carries a feather duster.


She was kind and even volunteered to take coats at the children's Christmas concert in the children's home. However, it was probably to gain access to the emerald, which may explain her obsession with dusting everything and everybody.


The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries

Nanette Musette unmasked

Nanette unmasked.

She overheard him talking about a hidden emerald at the children's home, so she dressed up as the Ghost of Christmas Never to steal it.



Nanette: With the emerald, it would have been Christmas every day.

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