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This article is about the gang in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated continuity. For other incarnations, see Mystery Incorporated (disambiguation).

Mystery Incorporated is made of a group of kids in their late teens from Crystal Cove, with a dog mascot. They named themselves in honor of their predecessors, before realizing who they really were.



Former associates


Early history

They unmasked the Creeper as Deacon Carlswell and uncovered his embezzlement scheme in the process. (The Legend of Alice May)

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Although the gang (unnamed at this point) had successfully solved another case, they were arrested by Sheriff Bronson Stone for interfering (again) in their official police business. He told them that he would inform their parents, whom by now he had on speed dial. They didn't let this stop them, though, as they took to solving the case of the Slime Mutant, revealing him to be their teacher, Prof. Emmanuel Raffalo.[3]

They traveled to Gatorsburg to solve the Creeping Creatures case, and in doing so had the engine to the Mystery Machine stolen.[4]

When Scooby was sick, the gang tried to comfort him. Once Scooby fell asleep, he dreamed that he (and the gang) were at the Mystery Solvers Club State Finals. The sidekicks met and took their seats. While Principal Quinlan was trying to speak, a mean looking fire-headed villain known as Lord Infernicus appeared. Lord Infernicus, took the rest of every gang except the sidekicks, So the sidekicks began going to look for clues at the school.[5]

After discovering Angel's truth, they decided not to trust her and went to solve the mystery of the Freak of Crystal Cove. Working together, they apprehended the Freak and unmasked him revealed to be Mayor Jones, who revealed to everyone of his past and to Fred that Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves were his real parents.

Hearing the truth, Fred was devastated. Then he decided to disband the Mystery Incorporated and break off his engagement with Daphne,which broke her heart. Then the gang left, leaving Scooby-Doo who saw Pericles holding the two disk pieces. After having a conversation with him, Scooby had vowed to bring back the gang together again to go after him no matter what.[6]

Season two

The gang was disbanded and the whole town was in danger by Crybaby Clown. Scooby was locked up on a farm, Shaggy was stuck in military school, Fred was searching for his parents, Velma convinced Janet Nettles to bring Scooby back, and Daphne was dating Baylor Hotner. Scooby was rescued by Mayor Nettles and then rescued Shaggy next. Fred was then informed about Crybaby Clown from Scooby and agreed to help him and Shaggy. They then were reunited with Velma and found Daphne who was at a diner with Baylor. The gang begged her to return with them, but she refused and left with Baylor. Fred then thought the she woulf be there to help them capture Crybaby Clown, but it turns out she didn't. Fred, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby then failed to capture Crybaby Clown. (The Night the Clown Cried)

Scooby-Doo! Team-Up

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Mysteries solved

Season one
Season two

Mysteries unsolved



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