The Darrows were a rich Crystal Cove family. They were also a mystery-solving team, with a pet cat, and called themselves Mystery Fellowship.[1]



Early history

The family were corrupted by and fought over a piece of the Planispheric Disk, leaving them little time to escape as their mansion sunk into the ground at Halloween nearly 75 years ago. Danny — the Darrow's youngest child — revealed that they all survived; however, they were trapped underground. Eventually, Danny's father, mother and older sister died, leaving him as a crazy old hermit living in the ruins of his mansion.[2]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Danny Darrow survived as a madman, at least until another earthquake swallowed his home completely.[2]

Season two

Cassidy Williams secretly placed four photos, showing the Darrows and Whiskers, in Velma Dinkley's room, providing the first clue that they were another mystery-solving group.[1]

They appeared in a time-frozen image in the Sitting room. Cletus Darrow was seen using the first key to light a candle, associating the key with fire.[3]

Nova, possessed by an Anunnaki, explained to no one in particular as to how the Evil Entity had influenced different mystery-solving groups over the eras in attempt to free him, including the Mystery Fellowship.[4]



  • Of all the mystery groups that have a frozen scene in Nightmare in Red, this group is unique because their mascot, Whiskers, is not present. It was not present in the flashback of Come Undone either.
  • The still flashback from Come Undone is exactly the same image as the photograph from the Darrow Family Archives seen in close-up in Escape from Mystery Manor, with the cat added in at their feet.
  • In both the photo and the time-frozen scene they are dressed as they were on the Halloween night their house dropped underground. On that night the daughter wore a Cleopatra costume and Danny wore a Lincoln costume. Danny was playing with toy pieces resembling Lincoln Logs in the frozen scene, which dates the scene to after 1916.


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