This article is about Muttley from the animated film SCOOB! For the original incarnation, look here.

Muttley is an anthropomorphic dog and the sidekick/henchdog of supervillain Dick Dastardly.

Physical appearance

Muttley is an anthropomorphic male mixed breed dog (a combination of bloodhound, pointer and hunting dog) with beige shaggy fur, big round fluffy black ears, hazel eyes, black eyebrows, a black nose, and wearing a red leather collar with a round gold dog tag with a skull symbol engraved on it.


He is mischievous, conniving, and greedy, as showcased by his desire for Alexander the Great's treasure. Although he is villainous, he is still faithful to his partner-in-crime, Dick Dastardly.


Early life

Dick Dastardly opened a portal to the underworld where the treasure was, sending sent Muttley to retrieve the treasure. But the barrier blocked him from returning with the treasure, because he wasn't the key, leaving him trapped with Cerberus attacking him.


Once the gates to the Underworld were opened, he finally escaped and was reunited with Dastardly. He was quickly captured by the Rottens, however, and thrown in jail, but only for a while before they escaped.


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