Mummy Scares Best is the second episode of the second season of What's New, Scooby-Doo?, and the sixteenth overall.


While in Egypt on an archaeological dig with Melbourne O'Reilly, the gang encounters Mummy of Pharaoh Scamses - a mummy who has a knack of turning tourists into zombie minions. Even worse for the gang is the fact that they are in danger of being turned into zombies themselves.


One night, an Egyptian guide rides with a family of tourists: a middle-aged man with black hair, a young man with blond hair, and a young girl with brown hair. They arrive outside the pyramids, and venture into the tomb. But upon entering, to their shock and horror, they come across a mummy, which scares them down the halls. The passages close up and as they try to escape, they are surrounded by walls that are about to crush them. They try to push the walls back, but they all end up getting sucked into the walls.

On the Giza Tours bus, Shaggy tells Scooby that the only problem with Egypt is that the sandwiches there is the only sand which is there, and that he tells Scooby to get the joke, and Scooby agrees. Fred tells the gang that they haven't seen Melbourne O' Reilly since Costa Rica, and that it'll sure be great to hang out with his favorite explorer, adventurer again. Velma tells Fred especially since he invited them on an actual archeological dig, and Daphne said to the gang that that must be where they're meeting him. Shaggy looks out of the window, and dreams about food, and tells Scooby that this was their kinda place, and that the first butterscotch fizzy is on him, and when they make it, they realized it was a mirage, and Melbourne congrats them on experiencing it for the first time, and that he hoped it didn't feature poisonious lizards like his did.

Fred thanks Melbourne for inviting them out there, and he also tells them g'day. Velma asks Melbourne is this where they'll be doing the dig, and he tells her yes, and they'll be doing it nearby the Pyramid of the Moon.

Melbourne tells the gang that the artifacts he found were truly amazing, and he thinks that they are in for a real adventure. He also tells the gang to check it out, and that it was an urn from the earliest kingdoms, and that they can still make out the hieroglyphics, and Shaggy tells him that he could probably read the other ones too if they weren't underwater, and he tells him that's impossible, and that the Nile River was hundred of miles from here, and Shaggy tells him that there's something leaking on his shoes. When they heard a rumbling sound, Shaggy and Scooby were caught in the middle of the geyser, and Melbourne said that he guessed he was misinformed, and Shaggy asks them to tell him this was another mirage. Melbourne gets on the crane, and drops dirt on it, saving Shaggy and Scooby, and the bus driver thinks it was the curse of the mummy, before driving away.

At night, Melbourne tells the gang that it was a beaut, and that they can just camp under the sparkling stars, and Fred tells him that he's always the man with the plan, and that it was a great night to be camping out, and Shaggy tells him especially if they just ignore the spooky pyramid right behind them, before seeing the sillouhette of the mummy. Velma asks Melbourne can he tell them what the driver meant by, "Curse of the mummy?" Melbourne tells them that it was an ancient story, and what little he know about the mummy comes from the hieroglyphics, and Shaggy says that it was awful, and that it scrawled graffitti all over those nice bricks. He tells Shaggy to look closer, and that the symbols tell a tale of Pharaoh Scamses The 15th who lived 3,000 years ago, and that he was done in by resentful slaves, and his mummified remains were laid to rest in the Pyramid of the Moon. The hieroglyphics was also written that if any trespass on his land, the mummy will arise with his zombified minions, and take brutal revenge. Shaggy asks Melbourne are they by any chance trespassing on his land right now, and he tells him yes, and Shaggy tells him that it's just that he's always been kind of allergic to brutal revenge. When the zombified tourists appear, Melbourne tells the gang to run for it, and Fred tells him that he took the words right out of his mouth, with the exception of the crikeys, and when the gang are surrounded, they see the mummy. While running, Velma warns the gang that there's a sand storm, and Daphne asks Fred where is he, and that she can't see, and Fred tells her that he's over here, and they all got trapped inside a sand-nado.

The next morning, Shaggy popped up from the sand, and tells Scooby that he knew he should have packed an umbrella. Daphne asks the gang did they actually see a mummy and some zombified tourists, and Melbourne tells her that he can't say for certain, and that the desert night plays tricks on the imagination, and Fred tells him or else there is something to that mummy's curse, and that they need to stick around and find out. He tells the gang that the desert day can get up to 150 degrees, and Fred also tells them that they need to find a bottle of sun screen first.

While the gang is walking through the hot desert, Daphne tells them that she's thirsty, and Shaggy tells her that she agrees, and that he'd give anything for a glass of water with a side of fries, and Velma asks him wouldn't that make him more thirsty, and Shaggy tells her that he'll take the side of fries, then the glass of water. When they see cars and trucks, Fred tells them that there seems to be a lot of people leaving town, and Daphne tells him that maybe a sale on beverages at the outlet mall.

When they arrived in Ouliankar, a beggar asks the gang do they have coins, and Fred says no, and that they wouldn't mind something to drink, and Daphne also asks him where could they get some nice, cool water, and the beggar tells them that they could get it from their spring, and he also tells them that they are in the middle of a terrible drought, and that's why people are leaving town, and that the little water left in Ouliankar belongs to the prince, and Fred tells the gang then maybe they should find the prince, and the beggar reveals himself to be Prince Kazzal Affimir, and the prince tells the gang that ever since Ouliankar dried up, even he has been driven to beg, and that he can share my liquid wealth with thirsty strangers, and Shaggy asks him how about hungry strangers, and the prince tells him that in order to get food and drink, they have to travel to the nearby village of Zalqara, and Velma thinks all of them are ready for some nourishment, and she asks the prince what's the quickest way to get to Zalqara, and the prince tells her that the quickest way to get there is to get a camel at Camel Sam's.

At Camel Sam's, Camel Sam tells the gang that the last camels are on the lot, and that they have unlimited milage, bucket saddles, camel hair upholstery, and a optional hump. He also tells them to return them directly to the airport for their convenience, and replace their water level, and Fred tells him that he's doing very good business, and Camel Sam tells him that since the drought, people need to leave Ouliankar any way they can, and his camels are in demand, and Velma tells Daphne that it seems like Camel Sam is actually blessed by the mummy's curse.

When the gang arrived in Zalqara, Velma tells them that there's definitely no drought here, and Daphne tells her that Chantal's seems to be the happening place. When they arrived, Mademoiselle Chantal introduces herself, and asks the gang do they have reservations to her bistro, and Fred tells Melbourne to let him handle this, and he tells her that they've been out in the desert, and we thought we'd paz-day-doo inside for some of their soup du jour of the day, and Chantal tells Fred that she's sorry, and that they must wait in that very long line. Daphne tells the gang to look at the window, and Melbourne saw the then zombified tourists, and Shaggy tells the gang that they should find a place that delivers, and Fred tells the gang that they need to get inside and look at what's going on in there, and Velma tells Fred that she thinks she have a way.

Inside, Mademoiselle Chantal tells everyone that they are happy to present for their entertainment pleasure, the Fatima Sisters. Fred, Melbourne, Shaggy, and Scooby are in disguise, and Shaggy tells them that Daphne and Velma are pretty good, and that the only dance his belly knows is the cake walk, and Scooby eats the cake. Backstage, Chantal turns on the spotlights and turned the tourists back to their zombified state, and Daphne tells Velma that its time to make their exit, stage right, and Velma tells her belly to do its stuff. Scooby tries to distract the zombified tourists with his style of belly dancing, and the crowd loved it, but the zombified tourists didn't. Just when all hope seems lost for Daphne, Velma, and Scooby, Melbourne uses a breadstick as a boomerang, and tells the zombified tourists to join him. Outside, Melbourne uses the breadstick boomerang to cut the rope that was holding the barrels to try to get away from them, saving the gang. Fred tells them that they're saved again by Melbourne, and asks the girls are they ok, and Velma tells him that they're fine, and asks what's that, and they found piping. Fred tells the gang that it seems to go straight out there for miles, and Velma tells Fred that it goes directly toward the Pyramid of the Moon.

At the pyramid, Fred tries to open it with his bare hands, but to no avail. Daphne tells him to let her try, and she'll use the old cuticle trimmer sandal strap gimmick, and she succeeded. Inside, Shaggy tells the gang to look at all those cobwebs, and that it might be the world's largest web site, and Scooby laughs. Fred tells the gang that there's too many rooms to cover, and that they'll have to split up one more time, and Shaggy tells Scooby that they might as well take the scariest way, and it always ends up like that anyway. Inside the pharaoh's resting chambers, Shaggy tells Scooby that this is where the pharaoh was sleeping for the last 3,000 years, and when they opened the coffin, they realized that nobody's in there. The spotlight turns on, and Shaggy was hypotized as a zombie minion, which leads to Scooby saying "Relp!" The trance was broken, and Shaggy is free, and the mummy appears. When they stop running, they found Fred, Daphne, and Velma, and Shaggy tells them that he's glad to see you guys, before revealing that Fred, Daphne, and Velma are zombified minions. Shaggy asks them what are they doing, and that it's them, him, and Scooby, and they're hideous, sinister zombies, and he also tells them that it's okay, and that friends don't judge, before bumping into the mummy, and the chase sequence starts with "Time Running" plays in the background.

In the plumbing room, Shaggy tells Scooby that for a place that's short on powder rooms, it sure is long on plumbing, and he also tells him that they're hunted down by their best friends in the whole world, and he guesses they need to do something besides the old standbys: quivering and whimpering. Shaggy tries to open the door, but it was locked, and he asks Scooby what would Daphne do, and that she'd trick the lock, and that it was a good thing he always carry his portable pocket lunch utensils, and he succeeded in tricking the lock, and Shaggy tells Scooby that Fred would be proud. He also asked Scooby what's this gizmo, and that if he were Velma, he'd try to figure it out. When Shaggy says "It works," he asks himself what does it do, and the mummy appears. While they're running from the mummy, they are not only surrounded by walls that are about to crush them, but the zombified gang. Shaggy asks Scooby how do he wake them up while he and Scooby are being sucked in the walls, and Scooby screamed, "Relp," breaking the trance. Fred tells Daphne and Velma to grab Shaggy and Scooby, and Daphne tells them that they've gotta get out of there, and when they made it out, Velma prematurely said that they're safe and sound before the mummy appears. Fred tells the gang to run, and while the rest ran, the mummy grabbed Scooby by the scarf, and Scooby screamed "Relp" again to break the trance. Velma tells them that it's time to unmask the monster; the Mummy of Pharaoh Scamses was revealed to be Melbourne O' Reilly. Fred asks him why, and Melbourne wished he knew. When Velma tells the gang to look, Shaggy said that the guy found the emergency exit, and Melbourne tells them that he'll get him, using his mummy wrappings to do so; the real villain was revealed to be Prince Qasl Al-Famir.

Melbourne tells the gang that there's a mystic hieroglyphic symbol pronounced "relp," and it must break the trance. Daphne tells the prince that he's a hypnotist, and Shaggy tells Scooby that his "relp" saved their necks. Velma tells Shaggy and Scooby these four words they'd never expect to hear from her: what the heck happened, and Shaggy tells her that they weren't really around so they had to figure things out, and that they found that water works underneath the Pyramid of the Moon, and there were pipes and wheels and gauges. Velma says that it was diverting water from an underground branch of the Nile River, creating the drought in that town, and Fred said that the pipeline we saw brought water to Zalqara, and success to its cafe, and Daphne also said and all the other businesses there, and that they were all probably owned by Mademoiselle Chantal. The prince tells the gang that Chantal is his wife, and Fred tells the gang that it was all a scheme just to make the two of them rich, and Daphne said that the prince created zombie slaves to threaten intruders, and Velma also said that Melbourne's dig was probably getting too close, so the prince put him and others under his spell to do his bidding.

At the spring in Zalqara, Fred tells the girls that he wishes he could think of a way to thank Shaggy and Scooby for saving the day, and Shaggy tells him that if he could, this would be it. Scooby dives in the spring, and says, "Scooby-Dooby-Doo!"


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:

  • Tour bus driver (only appearance)
  • Pharaoh Scamses XV (only appearance)(pictograph)
  • Pharaoh Scamses XV's slaves (only appearance)(pictograph)
  • Camels (only appearance)(no lines)




  • Tour buses
  • Excavator


Suspect Motive/reason
Camel Sam His business improved when people evacuated due to a water shortage.
Madamoiselle Chantal The stolen water was diverted over to Zalqara, where she worked.


Culprit Motive/reason
Prince Qasl Al-Famir and Madamoiselle Chantal To divert water over to Zalqara for Madamoiselle Chantal's businesses.
Melbourne O'Reilly as the Mummy of Pharaoh Scamses Hypnotized by Prince Al-Famir to scare away intruders.


Frank Welker Scooby-Doo
Fred Jones
Mummy of Pharaoh Scamses[citation needed]
Casey Kasem Shaggy Rogers
Mindy Cohn Velma Dinkley
Tourist father's daughter
Grey DeLisle Daphne Blake
Madamoiselle Chantal
Steve Blum Melbourne O'Reilly
Daran Norris Camel Sam
Tourist father
James Arnold Taylor Prince Qasl Al-Famir
Tourist father's son


Song Credits Performed by
"Time Running " Written by Tegan Quin and Sara Quin Tegan and Sara



  • The episode title is a play on "Mother knows best."
  • This is the first time that Velma is hypnotized.
  • Scooby wears a blue bandana, instead of his regular dog tag and collar. With the exception of the scene at Chantal's where he's dressed as a dancer.
  • Frank Welker is uncredited as the Mummy of Pharaoh Scamses, and the voice actor of the tour bus driver is uncredited, too.
  • This is the first episode that has Mindy Cohn voice another character besides Velma.
  • This episode was included in Cartoon Network's Scooby-Doo! Back to School Marathon (August 10–11, 2013).


Cultural references

  • Daphne says "Exit, stage right", a catchphrase of Snagglepuss (although, he was more prone to say "Exit, stage left").


Animation mistakes and/or technical glitches

  • After Daphne clipped the strap on Shaggy's sandal to pick the lock, Shaggy's sandal was back to normal for the rest of the episode.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • Giza is on the outskirts of Cairo, but all the different sites are just lumped into being in Cairo.
  • Melbourne was camping with the gang when the mummy watched them from atop the pyramid, and also with them when the mummy first appeared and made the sand storm. It couldn't have been Melbourne dressed up as the mummy, so it would have to be Prince Qasl or Madam Chantal.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Le réveil de la momie The Mummy Awakens
Greek Έρχεται η Μούμια The Mummy Is Coming
Italian La maledizione della mummia The Curse of the Mummy
Polish Noc żywej mumii Night of the Living Mummy

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Shaggy: The only problem with Egypt is that the only sandwiches here is the sand which is here.

Shaggy: Will you look at all those cobwebs? This might be the world's first website.

Melbourne O'Reilly: I'll get the blighter! (uses the wrappings from his mummy disguise to catch the culprit's leg)
Fred: (along with Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, when the culprit is revealed) Prince Qasl Al-Famir?

Velma: So the Prince put him and others under his spell to do his bidding.
Melbourne O'Reilly: Yeah. And I would've stayed that way, too, if it weren't for you meddlin' nippers.

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