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The Mummy was the disguise of an unnamed man scaring Mystery Inc. in England.

Physical appearance

He's wrapped in torn bandages, with black eye and mouth holes. One loose bandage hangs from his left wrist to his left armpit.

The man under the mask, whose identity is unknown, is Caucasian and balding, with black hair only on the sides and back of his head. Under the bandages, he's dressed in a suit and tie.


The Mummy doesn't speak and seems primarily interested in chasing. As both Shaggy and Scooby manage to escape him by simply stepping to the side of his path, it's possible he may also have peripheral vision issues.


Halifax commercial

Halifax Mummy Captured

Halifax Mummy unmasked.

Chasing Mystery Inc. out of an Archaeology Museum in England, the Mummy follows them throughout the streets of a city, during which time Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo manage to duck into a Halifax bank branch. The Mummy continues to chase Fred Jones and the girls, as Shaggy and Scooby speak to a Halifax employee, who recommends they visit Pharaoh's Pizza. The Mummy, holding a credit card reader, later hands Shaggy and Scooby their bill at the restaurant, but forgoes getting their payment to chase them from the building. Unaware that Scooby is standing beside the entrance door, as the Mummy heads out, he slams it on a loose bandage, spinning the costume off of the unnamed man underneath. He lands on the ground outside, in a pile of his bandages, as the three remaining members of Mystery Inc. arrive.



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