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Mrs. Wentworth worked at the library in Norville óer Morgania.

Physical appearance

Mrs. Wentworth is a middle-aged female with black hair tied into a bun and pink lips. She's dressed in a long-sleeved white button-up shirt tucked into a black skirt, an open magenta blazer, a light brown belt with a silver buckle and a ruby-red bowknot-tie around the collar of her shirt. She also wears rectangular glasses with black frames, dark grey tights and black high-heeled shoes.


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Scooby-Doo! The Sword and the Scoob

Mrs. Wentworth unmasked.

When she heard of one of Shaggy's ancestors, she dressed up as Morgan le Fay to trick Shaggy into signing the deed to Norville óer Morgania, by making Mystery Inc. believe they have gone back in time.

With the signed deed in her hand, she stole the Mystery Machine to get to the town's mailbox, but was stopped by Winston, who threw the Excalibur, and Velma, who rigged the dragon and burned the deed. She was arrested and gets taken away by the police.