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Mrs. Vanders was the disguise of Mama Mione, while in Transylvania, Pennsylvania. She was part of a conspiracy group to exact their revenge on the gang for uncovering their past illegal acts which sent them to jail.

Physical appearance

Mrs. Vanders resembled was a middle aged Caucasian female, with brown hair full of gray streaks. She wore a Victorian styled dress commonly worn by housekeepers. She has very intimidating facial features as noted by Shaggy Rogers's reaction when first seeing her. She also stood significantly taller than Fred Jones and Shaggy.


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Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy

Mama Mione unmasked (Frankencreepy)

Mama Mione unmasked.

She greeted the gang when they arrived at Castle Von Dinkenstein. She addressed Velma Dinkley as "Von Dinkenstein girl", while showing the gang to their rooms. At the laboratory, she revealed the Von Dinkenstein monster frozen in a block of ice. Velma intended to prove the monster was fake by recreating the Baron's experiment. Once Velma was alone, Vanders hypnotized Velma into believing she could recreate her uncle's experiment.

She witnessed the experiment that brought the monster to life.

Later, she celebrated with the rest of the town, believing the gang to have perished in the castle's explosion. During the night, she was chased to the train station by Shaggy and Scooby-Doo's ghosts, which were actually their clothes, controlled by puppet strings. The conspiracy group were caught in the train, and shortly thereafter their identities were revealed; was really Mama Miona, aka, Old Iron Face. The conspirators revealed they met each online at an "anti-Scooby Gang" hate group, and when they got out, brought the castle, as well as insinuating themselves within the town, all to get the gang to come and knock them all of at once.



  • She appears to have excessive flatulence as she was constantly passing gas while giving the gang a tour of Castle Von Dinkenstein, much to their displeasure.
  • Shaggy, despite grabbing her by the nose during her first scene, did not realize she was wearing a mask.
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