The mansion is lived in by wealthy socialite, Mrs. Vandereel.


Former staff

Physical appearance

Mrs. Vandereel's mansion is a large two story building built with blue-gray bricks. A number of pillars can be seen at the front of the house creating a sheltered alcove around the main entrance door. The building itself is surrounded by fern tress and other shrubbery. It’s presumably located relatively near to a graveyard, which the Red Skull ghost haunted.

Rooms inside the house include a yellow sitting room decorated with blue curtains and a gray rug.

Mrs. Vandereel's sitting room



Early history

Mrs. Vandereel's Last Hope Diamond was stolen from her person by the Red Skull right in her home. She then hired Mystery Inc. to investigate. They discovered that it was her own butler, Stuyvesant who stole it.[1]



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