Mr. Trapples

Mr. Trapples is an old tattered teddy bear belonging to Fred Jones, Jr. which he has formed a strong attachment to. He speaks to it as if it were alive much like a child might talk to their stuffed toy, but it could also possibly suggest a mild form of Schizophrenia.

Physical appearance

Mr. Trapples is a small, blue stuffed bear with a lighter blue stomach and a gray belly button. It's missing its left eye and has a hole on its ear, as well as one on its arm where stuffing sticks out. In a similar fashion to its owner, Mr. Trapples wears an orange bow tie.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Mr. Trapples with disk piece

Disk piece. lodged into Mr. Trapples.

Fred was using it since he moved back home to fill the void left by his fake father going to jail and his break up with Daphne Blake.

During the scuffle on the haunted house, the newest found Planispheric Disk piece was lost, but ended up lodged in the face of Mr. Trapples. After Daphne further rejected Fred and the gang, he dressed up Mr. Trapples to resemble her even using some of her hair.[1]

Mr. Trapples as Daphne

Mr. Trapples dressed like Daphne.

Fred found it on an old movie lot dressed up by his evil birth parents to make it look like the Planispheric Disk had speed up time in post-apocalyptic fashion.[2]



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