Mr. Takagawa is a museum curator at the Tokyo Museum of Cultural History, who witnessed the return of the Ghost of the Black Samurai, and later the real Black Samurai.

Physical appearance

Mr. Takagawa is an elderly Japanese male, with gray hair, side burns, and a moustache. He also has bags under his eyes. He wears spectacles, a white shirt, under a brown vest, a maroon bow tie. When he travels, he wears a brown bowler hat.


He is annoyed easily by his janitor, Kenji. He is stubborn and insistent, and really wants people to visit his museum. But he is protective of the world and would help the gang to stop the Black Samurai.


Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword

When he saw his janitor staring into space he got very annoyed and took him to see the Black Samurai. He told him that the Black Samurai was going to make the museum more popular and told his janitor part of the Black Samurai's history. Then the doors slammed shut and a kind of mist swirled into the room. Suddenly, the Black Samurai became 'alive' again and dramatically exited the room with lots of blue lightning, as he flew away.

He went to visit Miss Mirimoto to tell her to guard her scroll "as the Black Samurai would come to get it." She appeared skeptical and told Sojo, her loyal guard, to take him to his seat. Sojo grabbed Takagawa and Miss Mirimoto told him that she thought the scroll was perfectly safe behind her walls.

He explained to the gang, the legend of the Black Samurai, and how he intended to find the Sword of Doom and free his spirit. He than accompanied the gang to stop the Black Samurai from finding the sword.

At the Temple of 1000 Steps, he translated the writings on the wall, where the Sword of Doom is hidden, but also finds that the tribesmen who inhabit the island don't take well to trespassers and were captured before they could escape.

After escaping they entered a cave at the top of a waterfall and retrieved the Sword while avoiding the traps and the Black Samurai who was captured and revealed to be Sojo.

When it was revealed that Ms. Mirimoto planned to free the real Black Samurai and trapped the gang in his museum, he vowed to protect the world like a modern-day samurai.

After the Black Samurai was defeated, the Black Samurai proved popular enough to move the museum to a much bigger building, and had a statue of Scooby-Doo made in his honor, for his bravery and courage.

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Carlos Seidl Brazilian Portuguese
Guillermo Coria Latin American Spanish


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