Mr. Peaches was a large orangutan that belonged to Oswald P. Burlington, and was the mascot of the Benevolent Lodge of Mystery. He lived in the 1880s and is reported to have died of old age. Grief over his death is supposed to be the reason Burlington broke up the Lodge.[1]

Physical appearance

Mr. Peaches was an elderly orange-furred orangutan. He wore a red fez.


He got his name from the love of the fruit. The extent of their relationship is unknown, but it was enough for Burlington to become a recluse because of it. He also shares a love of food with other member, Scotty O'Rourke.[1]


Early life

Burlington and Mr. Peaches went on several adventures together. He eventually died of old age, which caused the founder, Burlington, to disband the group. Burlington spent the rest of his time at the Burlington Library, where he erected a stone statue in his honor, and every morning he left he a peach by it.[1]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

A stone statue sat in the library of Burlington Library. Under the influence of terror wood, Velma Dinkley believed it had came to life and chased her around, until the Benevolent Lodge showed up on their train, which distracted and calmed Mr. Peaches into joining them as a living orangutan.[1]

His still form was captured in a time-frozen scene in the Sitting room. In the scene, a paper scrap was floating above him in the air, which is the Cuarto Llave.[2]



  • Mr. Peaches apparently got his name because peaches were his favorite food. He was a big eater, and this trait was shared by his fellow Benevolent Lodge of Mystery member Scotty O'Rourke. This is a parallel with Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers.
  • It could be said that Mr. Peaches could talk since he said his name while running toward the ghost train, although this could be an effect of the terror wood.


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