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Mr. Gordon was the Blakes' security guard.

Physical appearance

Mr. Gordon is a middle-aged Caucasian male, a little slightly obese, and bald.


Appeared to take his job as a security guard seriously and would probably take the blame for the stuff being stolen. This was a facade to hide his greedy nature. He also seemed eager to loan the gang Robopup for obvious reasons.


A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season one

Mr. Gordon unmasked

Mr. Gordon unmasked.

When the Ghost of Chef Pierre Goulash stole the furniture from Daphne's room, he blamed himself for letting it happen, and offered Mr. Blake to fire him. But the latter refuses, and recommends that he call for Robopup. When the gang offered to help solve the case, he loaned them Robopup to help them. He was unmasked as the ghost, who stole all the furniture so he can sell them and be rich; he also loaned the gang Robopup to keep them on the wrong trail. He ordered Robopup to apprehend everyone, but was defeated by Scooby-Doo who found a remote that causes the robot to malfunction. Afterwards, he was taken to jail.



Mr. Gordon: What makes you think I still won't get away with it? Get 'em Robopup!

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