Mr. Conroy is the gardener for the Blakes.

Physical appearance

Conroy is big, tall, and muscular, considering he's probably dangerous or just overprotective of himself and his gardening.


Conroy is affable when it comes to gardening, but can be deliberate when it comes to someone accidentally stepping on his flowers, or being confronted about stealing something after already being out of prison. Prison was where he learned flowers.


Early life

He was in prison for theft, having mentioned, "I haven't stolen anything since I got out of the joint!" While serving time in prison, he learned to do gardening and to love flowers.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season one

He was a possible suspect for stealing things from Daphne's room, but was found innocent having no feet small enough to make the small muddy footprints on the floor, when the culprit was revealed to be Mr. Gordon.


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