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Mr. Baywosenthal is a citizen of Crystal Cove.

Physical appearance

Mr. Baywosenthal is an adult Caucasian male, with blond hair.


He is quite gullible, believing his son had turned into a monster.[1] He's easily drawn in by the monster attractions set up by Mayor Fred Jones, Sr.[2]


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

He was one of the neighborhood parents who got scared off when Mary Anne Gleardan, disguised as Que Horrifico, made it look like his child had turned into a monster.[1]

He among the crowd waiting for the Humungonauts to show up at the Crystal Cove Stadium.[2]

He was in attendance at the Community Center's charity auction when the Vampire attacked.[3]

He attended the Crimestopper of the Year Awards, to be surprised by Mayor Jones's announcement that the Ghost of Dead Justice was the winner, and even more surprised by his appearance and his fire-breathing horse, Greg. But Mayor Jones's was impressed, which calmed the crowd down. After the Ghost of Dead Justice was exposed as a fraud, Mayor Jones gave the award to Sheriff Stone, as the townsfolk rejoiced.[4]

Season two

He went to a town meeting at City Hall about Crybaby Clown. The town was struggling in the absence of Mystery Incorporated, wanting them back; when they showed, they all cheered. Unfortunately, so did Crybaby Clown who demanded five million dollars bribe to stay away, which was turned down by the gang. So, he put the hall in lockdown, setting off a diaper bomb. Everyone managed to get outside before it exploded.[5]

He gathered with the rest of the men at City Hall whose wives had been taken by the Dandy Highwayman.[6]



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