This article is about Crunchy Granville's disguised submarine, for the purported island spirit, see Motoshondu (island spirit).
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Motoshondu was a sea serpent robot created by Crunchy Granville, which was based on a legendary creature that is supposed to protect the island of Faja Manu.

Physical appearance

Motoshondu was a large, green, serpentine creature with a greenish-yellow face, sharp teeth, and a snake-like tongue. She had four long horn-like protrusions coming out near the top of her head and a smaller fifth one on her nose. Her eyes were white with dark green sclerae. She had four comparatively small leg-like fins as well as a larger tailfin. Dragon-like scales trailed down her back starting from the top of her head.


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Powers and abilities

She had very strong jaws. Her bite was strong enough to take chunks out of boats and sink them.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Crunchy Granville exposed

Crunchy is the culprit behind Motoshondu.

Granville had a second way to create Motoshondu - he mounted a large flat-screen TV to the bottom of his glass-bottom boat and projected a CGI image of the sea monster attacking, which frightened tourists while giving him a solid alibi. This second method backfired when the gang panicked and steered his boat onto rocks. He did this to protect underwater wildlife.


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