The Moon Monster was the disguise of Kim Chow Ling's uncle, Chin Wong Sing, hoping to scare Kim away so that he could get his fortune.

Physical appearance

The Moon Monster was light blue and glowed from luminescent powder used by Uncle Chin. It also had horns and fangs as well as having red eyebrows and four black stripes on his cheeks, giving the Moon Monster an Oni-like appearance.


It was noted to roar at people and did not have much of a personality.

Powers and abilities

The Moon Monster was supposedly able to turn those his shadow fell upon to stone.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season three

Chin Wong Sing unmasked

Chin Wong Sing unmasked.

The monster was supposed to be able to turn people to stone when his shadow fell upon them. However, the only person this happened to was Uncle Chin, who replaced himself with a look-alike statue. Velma Dinkley realized this when she found grease marks behind the statue.

He tried to get Kim to throw the fortune into the bay to relieve the curse. A current carried everything in the bay to a secret cave. Here he planned to retrieve the treasure. The gang caught the monster in the act. However, it still managed to chase them until Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers pulled up the bridge it was standing on, launching the Moon Monster into the bay, where he was unmasked.



  • The second time Chin's statue appears, the grease marks are missing.
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