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Molly the Moll was Manny the Mauler's accomplice.

Physical appearance

Molly the Moll is a thin, middle-aged female with a red hairdo that points upward. She also wears lipstick, blue shirt, and a pair of earrings shaped like number "9". She also used Boogedy Bones costume as disguise.


She is a quite cunning individual, utilizing a costume to hide her identity and allowing her to easily search for the hidden loots inside the babysitter's house. She is also willing to double-cross her ex-partner-in-crime Manny in order to claim the loots for herself.


Molly the Moll unmasked

Molly unmasked.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season one

She dressed up as Boogedy Bones to scare people away so she could find the money before Manny did.


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