Mojo Jojo was the second disguise of Old Man Withers, who had kidnapped Professor Utonium and stolen his Chemical X. Old Man Withers was impersonating the real Mojo.

Physical appearance

A "genius monkey" with sharp teeth, green skin, black fur and pink whites in his eyes. He wears white gloves and boots, a blue suit, with a white belt, and a long, purple cape. Atop his head sits a white turban, or casing of sorts, featuring lavender linings, that covers his large, oversized brain. He appears to be no taller than Scooby-Doo.


He appears to be angry and despise the Powerpuff Girls.


Cartoon Network Magazine

Old Man Withers Unmasked

Old Man Withers is unmasked.

Mojo Jojo was revealed when Fred Jones noticed something odd about the Mayor of Townsville's hat and pulled on it, revealing it to be a costume. Buttercup proceeded to punch him in the face, almost immediately. However, when Mojo exclaimed that he would have gotten away with kidnapping Professor Utonium and stealing his Chemical X were it not for "those meddling girls", the Powerpuff Girls realized that he did't sound like the real Mojo Jojo and Fred once again performed an unmasking, revealing him to actually be Old Man Withers.


Appearances in other media

  • Although he only appears as a disguise in the comic, Mojo Jojo is a real recurring villain in The Powerpuff Girls cartoon series on Cartoon Network.
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