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Miyumi is the Japanese friend of Daphne Blake and associate of Mystery Inc. Initially, she was blinded by her loyalty to Miss Mirimoto, but when she finally saw her master's true intentions, she turned against Miss Mirimoto and sided with Daphne and the gang.

Physical appearance

Miyumi is a young Asian female in her mid to late teens, with black hair held in long pigtails. She also applies red lipstick. She also has a slim figure. Her main outfit looks like a school uniform, consisting of a red violet blazer with a white shirt, a violet tie, an orange and yellow badge, violet socks and skirt, and brown shoes. She also wears matching hair scrunchies. In martial arts, she wears a matching gi that matches her uniform with bandages around her wrists and bare feet and no gi pants. She wore a pink flower and green leaf crown, a red violet flower necklace, grass skirt and orange seashell bra when she was going to marry the Remote Pacific island chief. When she is in civilian life, she wears a full sleeved white and pink stripe shirt with a yellow circle, blue jeans, a green belt and pink heels. She also has blue hair streaks on the bottom end of her pigtails and a green and pink scrunchies.


Miyumi was at first loyal towards her master and oblivious to her true colors. The reason Miyumi sided with her master was because she was tricked into thinking that she would be closer to Daphne if she worked with Miromoto. When Daphne convinced Miyumi that she was being used, she saw the error of her ways and sided with Mystery Inc. She even kissed Scooby on the nose for his courage and bravery.


Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword

Miyumi in civvies

Miyumi in civilian attire.

Miyumi wasn't aware of the entire plan--she was initially instructed to simply get close to Daphne and the rest of the gang. But once Miyumi found out that Miss Miromoto's intentions were to revive the Black Samurai, she turned on her and helped the gang. In the end, they offered her a place on the team, but she turned them down in order to find what she did best.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Mikaela Ardai Jennefors Swedish
Christine Byrd Latin American Spanish
Ana Lúcia Menezes Brazilian Portuguese
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