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* Physical appearance; clothing.

Melvin Gerkin was a student at Coolsville High School.

Physical appearance

Melvin is a Caucasian teenaged male with brown hair and wears thick glasses.


He seems to be a science nerd.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

Melvin Gerkin revealed

Melvin is revealed as the culprit.

Melvin was afraid that the recent success of the football team would draw funding away from the science department. As president of the Science Club, he didn't want that, so he volunteered to dress up as the Flamey mascot and secretly rigged the scoreboard to create a hologram of Flamey and fire lasers under his control to ruin the big game. His guilt was quickly exposed when he showed that he knew too much about what Flamey had been up to while he was supposedly stuffed in a locker by the opposing team.


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