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Mecha Mutt is a robotic dog invented by Dr. Ned Staples, and later controlled by his daughter, Melanie Staples.

Physical appearance

True to its name, Mecha Mutt was stylized after a giant dog. It had glowing green eyes.

Powers and abilities

Being a robot, Mecha Mutt was outfitted with every advanced technology, such as excavation tools. Jet-propulsions allowed Mecha Mutt to fly. It was also able to fire laser beams from its eyes.

Mecha Mutt also was strong, allowing it to throw heavier objects. Heavily-developed legs allowed Mecha Mutt to climb the steepest of walls.


Scooby-Doo! Mecha Mutt Menace

Melanie Staples Culprit

Melanie Staples is revealed to be the saboteur.

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  • It's unclear, how a robot designed to operate in Martian gravity (about 40% of Earth), could move so effortlessly on Earth.
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