Max the Midget is a circus performer.

Phyiscal appearance

Max is short, slightly obese Caucasian male, with light brown hair. He is wears a blue-green suit with a white shirt, green vest jacket, and a black tie. He also wears a black bowler hat, with a blue-green stripe around it.


He's superstitious, believing that his accident was due to a jinxed circus, and told the gang they should get out of the area.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

Max and Samson the Strongman were riding a tandem bike, that split in half, and the former ended up hanging from a tree branch at the side of the road. As the gang stopped to see if they could help him, Scooby-Doo ran over and got under him just as his hold was slipping. Max ended up safely on Scooby's back. He was riding Scooby-Doo like a "cowpony", and when he slid off he was only as high as Scooby's shoulder (while on all fours). He and his partner introduced themselves, and told them they quit the circus they were working at because they thought it was jinxed. He also told them that it was no accident they had, and that the bike was fixed up to break in half. They then worked together to fix their bike before leaving.



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