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Marianne Blanchard was a member of Benevolent Lodge of Mystery in the 1800s. Her beauty would make her the Daphne Blake in her group.

Physical appearance

During Benevolent Lodge days, Marianne was an attractive Caucasian female, who was at least in her twenties, with light blue eyes and blonde hair tied into a bun, although a few straw hairs had fallen along her face. She wore a brown dress and red necklace.


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Early life

They traveled the world, until the death of their mascot, Mr. Peaches, caused their leader and Mr. Peaches's owner, Oswald P. Burlington to disband.[1]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Under the influences of terror wood in the Burlington Library, Velma Dinkley saw the appearance of the Benevolent Lodge tear through the library on their train, picking up Mr. Peaches, who was chasing Velma.[2]

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The Annunaki-possessed Nova explained the history of each mystery-solving group who came before Mystery Incorporated.[3]



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