Marcy is Velma Dinkley's cousin and the daughter of Evan and Meg.

Physical appearance

Marcy is a teenaged Caucasian, with long, blonde hair and a slim figure. Her outfit consists of a red t-shirt that exposes her navel, blue jeans tied in a red belt and a silver buckle, and brown shoes.


Marcy flirted with Fred Jones on sight, which made Daphne Blake jealous. To make matters worse, she was also catty towards Daphne; when Daphne said she saw something terrible in the window, Marcy suggested she just saw her own reflection. She also rudely called Daphne, "Daisy" and then "Debbie".


Early life

Marcy handcuffed.

She was born on Halloween and grew to resent the holiday because it always upstaged her birthday every year. She built the Scarecrow Robots and created the holographic projection of the Ghost of Hank Banning to ruin Halloween for the others, which was why she took an engineering class in school.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

Marcy had been elected the Corn Princess of the Halloween ball. But on Halloween night, she was caught controlling robot scarecrows to scare everyone and ruin Halloween so her birthday wouldn't play second fiddle to Halloween again. Her parents then admitted that they shouldn't have let a holiday come before the birthday of their own daughter. Because no one got hurt and nothing she did was technically illegal, the police have her make up for what she did by doing community service. She winked at Fred as she was taken away, telling him when she'll be out in 300 hours.

As the gang leave Banning Junction in the Mystery Machine they pass Marcy picking up rubbish and Daphne sarcastically compliments her uniform.



Marcy: Yep, I'm 18. Able to legally... vote.

Marcy: Why? Why? Do you have any idea what today is?

Marcy: And my birthday, mother! How would you like it if your birthday was completely overshadowed every year of your life?

Marcy: I want just wanted to scare everyone and ruin Halloween so I would never have to play second fiddle to that dumb holiday again.

Marcy: Oh, Blondie? I'll be out in 300 hours.


  • Marcy indicates to Fred that she still wants him once her community service is over, but Fred obviously isn't interested and leaves with the rest of the gang the next day.
  • Much like many incarnations of Daphne, Marcy was born on a national American holdiday which overshadows her birthday. Unlike Daphne, however, Marcy took it less than well, opting to ruin the holiday out of spite.