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Manu Tuiama was a professional surfer, who wanted to go into real estate with his girlfriend, Snookie Waeawa.

Physical appearance

Manu is very tan and muscular male, with black hair. He wears a purple vest, orange bathing shorts with black rims and brown sandals.


Manu is shown to be calm, collective and an excellent surfer. However since the 'kidnapping' of his girlfriend Snookie, he's since been a loner and often trying to warn people about the Wiki-Tiki and how the mainlanders anger it. He also has a sense of moral as he seemly sacrifices himself to look for his girlfriend.

However it's revealed that he's cunning and manipulative, using the local legends to scare people off, even his friend Little Jim. He also tried to upstage the mystery by faking his disappearance.

Manu also takes pride in his Surfing Champ title making him arrogant and was very surprised when Scooby beat him.


Aloha, Scooby-Doo!

Manu Tuiama unmasked

Manu unmasked.

He dressed up as the Wiki-Tiki to scare off the locals so he and his girlfriend, Snookie Waeawa, could get the real estate on the island. Manu was shocked he had lost the contest to Scooby-Doo. He was arrested with Snookie for treason and taken away to prison.



Manu: And our plan would have worked, if it weren't for you meddling mainlanders.


  • It's unknown how Manu was able to spit fireballs as the Wiki-Tiki, but because he's local, he may have learned how to fire breathe, thus giving the idea to use fireballs.

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Zbigniew Suszyński Polish
Óscar Flores Latin Spanish
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