Amanda "Mandy" Dinwiddie is a former child pop-star.

Physical appearance

Mandy is a young teenaged Caucasian female with long brown hair and a slim figure. She also wears a light violet and white stripes shirt under a pink jacket, crimson red jeans, and white sneakers. She also wears a red headband.


She has become less interested in performing and more interested in things like picking out her prom dress. She and Andy deeply missed Flash Flannigan and made a shrine at the grave.

Skills and abilities

She is a talented musician, playing guitar at their final rehearsal.


Early life

She performed in the Mystery Kids with one of her brothers, Andy. They eventually retired after their keyboardist, Flash Flannigan, stormed off stage during one performance, never to be seen again. At some point after that, he died.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

They were now teens, and her mother, Susan, was pushing her and her brother to make a comeback. During this time their old van, the Mystery Machine, (now in the possession of the gang) was acting on its own and causing serious trouble. It was believed to be the ghost of Flash, the original driver, who had come back for revenge. They were possible suspects to get out of the music industry because they had moved on to different things now. It was revealed to be their own mother, who was doing it for the band's publicity and they visited Flash's grave because he was their hero and with their upcoming show, they missed him dearly. They shocked their mother when they told her they're calling it quits and apologized to their other brother, Randy, who had been neglected by his mother in favor of his more talented siblings.



  • Mandy and Andy seem to be closer in age, whether or not they're actually twins is unknown.

In other languages

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