Man Bat and Robbin' is the single story of Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #1, by DC Comics.


Sightings of a bat creature, have brought the attention of Mystery Inc., Batman and Robin.


Mystery Inc. arrives in order to investigate the appearance of a bat-creature in the area, and meet up with Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo were chasing Man-Bat, who they had chased from Gotham City. The gang realizes that the strange sightings of a bat-creature may have referred to Man-Bat, and learn of his backstory as Kirk Langstrom from Batman. Langstrom became the Man-Batwhile by testing a Bat Extract on himself trying to learn to cure human deafness. Just as Batman finished telling Man-Bat's backstory, a scream was let out of a shopping mall. The Gang and Dynamic Duo rushed in to investigate.

They discovered a group of thieves that looked like Man-Bat robbing the store. After spotting them, the thieves attempt to run away, but were caught by a well placed throw of a Batarang onto a net from Batman. Batman deduced from their attempt to run, rather than fly, that they wer not the real Man-Bat, simply men in costumes. The Dynamic Duo and Velma then proved his point by unmasking the thieves, revealing humans underneath the costumes. The thieves had taken advantage of the rumors of Man-Bat being in the area to attempt to steal from the mall. Velma then spotted the real Man-Bat eating out of the Bobby Bigburger and rushed to capture him. Shaggy attempts to de-mask the creature, but quickly realizes the truth when Man-Bat takes off with him still holding on. Scooby-Doo tries to hold Shaggy down, but is pulled up with him. The thieves, realizing the heroes are distracted, then try to escape. Daphne , however, throws a Batarang in order to stop the thieves. She stops one, and Fred stops another using a giant skateboard. The last was stopped by Robin in the parking lot. Meanwhile, Batman leaps onto the creature and attempts to give Man-Bat the antidote in order to cure him. He drops it, but Scooby catches it with his tail and throws it back. Batman then gives Man-Bat the antidote and they all fall towards the ground, where the gang catches them with the net that once had caught the thieves. The thieves are arrested, Man-Bat is cured, and Mystery Inc. is invited to the next meeting of the Mystery Analysts .


Main characters:

Supporting characters:

  • Batman (first comic appearance)(main story and flashback)
  • Robin (first comic appearance)(main story and flashback)


  • Man-Bat (single appearance)(no lines)(main story and flashback)(transformation)
  • Dr. Kirk Langstrom (single appearance)(main story and flashback)(redeemed)
  • Bat-robbers (single appearance)(robbers' disguise)
  • Robbers (single appearance)

Other characters:





  • None


Culprit Motive/reason
Robbers as bat-robbers To steal.


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  • The Batarang appears for the first time, which hadn't appeared in The New Scooby-Doo Movies, possibly because it was seen as too violent at that point for Scooby-Doo.
  • The gang's invite to the Mystery Analysts' convention sets up the next story, Who's Scared?

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  • None known.

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