For the featured monster of the The Scooby-Doo Show episode Mamba Wamba and the Voodoo Hoodoo, see Mamba Wamba.
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Mamba Wamba (chant)

The Alex Super Experience perform the chant.

Mamba Wamba is a song performed by the Alex Super Experience, which is supposedly based off a voodoo chant. The band manager, Roger, and band member, Lila, found out that the song would be worth millions of money. So Roger disguised himself as a shaman and Lila as a zombie to try and scare the band into signing the rights of the song over to them. But their plot was stopped by Mystery Inc.


One two three four
Two two three four
Mamba Wamba
Unga Mamba unga Wamba
Doing the Mamba
Doing the Zamba
Mamba Wamba
Oowa Mamba
Oowa Zamba
Mamba, yeah, yeah, yeah
Zamba, yeah, yeah, yeah


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

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  • There is more to the song than the above lyrics, but the band was cut off before they got the chance to finish it.


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