The malt shop is a business in Gotham City.



Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold

When the Mystery Analysts of Gotham first encountered the Crimson Cloak, the resulting fight destroyed Gotham Chemical Storage and started a massive fire. Batman directed Mystery Inc. to wait for him at the malt shop while the superhero members of the Mystery Analysts worked on the fire.

At the malt shop, Detective Harvey Bullock found Mystery Inc. and attempted to implicate them in the robbery and fire at Gotham Chemical Storage using circumstantial evidence. Batman arrived and outsmarted Bullock's attempts to cut legal corners, getting him to leave. Mystery Inc. convinced Batman to let them help, prompting him to share the secret details of his only unsolved case. Batman revealed that in his first year of fighting crime, he failed to save Leo Scarlett from Professor Archilles Milo's experimental teleportation machine and that the Crimson Cloak appeared to be Scarlett's ghost. After the gang considered other potential suspects, Daphne realized that "Dr. Wade Magny," the name of one of Milo's henchmen, was actually an anagram for "Edward Nygma" - the real name of the Riddler. Mystery Inc. then convinced Batman to let them accompany him to Arkham Asylum to interview the Riddler.



  • Batman referred to it as a malt shop, but the sign on the building says "Diner".
  • The location Batman gives for the malt shop is that it is "on the corner of Spears and Ruby," a reference to Scooby-Doo creators Joe Ruby and Ken Spears.
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