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Malachi Crunch is a wrestler.

Physical appearance

Malachi Crunch has long strawberry blonde hair and black eyes. He has a tall, very muscular build as shown in his first appearance. Crunch wears two different outfits over the course of the episode.

His first outfit is his wrestling outfit which consists of blue speedo-like trunks with a gold belt around his waist. When wearing this outfit he is shirtless. His second outfit is worn when not wrestling. In it he simply wears. His wrestling attire but with the addition of a tight-fitting blue t-shirt which hugs his biceps and pecs.


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What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

His son, Curt, and daughter, Connie, were afraid of him getting hurt and tried their hardest to convince their dad to retire from professional wrestling. When the gang found sleeping mist in his trailer, they suspected that he might have been the Titanic Twist, but in the end, it was revealed that Curt and Connie were the culprits.

Malachi's kids explain that they really weren't trying to hurt anyone (they used the sleeping mist to knock out other wrestlers without having to be as strong as them) and revealed their motive: out of concern for their dad (worrying that he'd get seriously hurt), they dressed up as the Titanic Twist to try and scare their dad into retiring from professional wrestling.

Acknowledging that his kids were just trying to protect him and realizing the lengths they went to in order to do so, Malachi decided to retire from wrestling, pleasing his children.



"They got away with it, too, in spite of you meddling kids."

- Malachi Crunch.
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