Madamoiselle Chantal is the French owner of a restaurant in Zalqara, Egypt.

Physical appearance

Chantal is an attractive Caucasian adult female, with blue eyes and orange hair that falls below her shoulders. She has a beauty spot above the corner of her right lip. She also applies red lipstick. She wears a gold necklace, a silver dress and shawl.


She seemed to be a good owner, but she and her husband are quite greedy and used innocent victims to serve their ends.

Powers and abilities

She has knowledge of hypnotism which she used to put others in a trance.


Early life

She married Qasl Al-Famir, but continued to call herself "Mademoiselle" (Miss) Chantal.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

The gang met her outside her restaurant where Fred Jones attempted to get them in, but due to his poor French they were pointed to a very long line.

She introduced Velma Dinkley and Daphne Blake disguised as belly-dancers and put three tourists that attacked them before in a trance once again.



  • It is possible that she (or her husband) briefly portrayed the Mummy due to Melbourne being with the gang when the Mummy first appeared.
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