M'Lady Moonbeam is the pet dog of Meadow, who hoped she would be the future grand champion of the International Dog Show. Meadow would let nothing get in her way, including the Secret Six.

Physical appearance

Moonbeam is a diminutive female dog (possibly of Pekingese breed) with snow-white fur, a light purple dog collar in its neck, and a ferocious expression.


She is very loving toward Meadow, but fierce toward others. She ripped off a pants leg from Fred Jones, while wearing a Scooby-Doo disguise that made her look bigger. When the plan had been uncovered, she still tried to scare an impatient Scooby after she was unmasked, but he only barked back, scaring her off.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

M'Lady Moonbeam unmasked.

M'Lady Moonbeam helped her mistress by assuming the guise of Scooby-Doo using a stilt-legged suit to make her appear larger. After she was unmasked, she tried to scare Scooby off again but he barked back at her scaring her off. She was later disqualified from the dog show due to her mistress's scheme.