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Luna is the keyboardist and back-up singer for the Hex Girls band. She also occasionally plays the bass.

Physical appearance

In Dance of the Undead, Luna's outfit and shoes are now completely purple and dark blue. Her hair is now a darker red, but she retains her purple lipstick, her purple eyeliner, her earrings and her necklace.


Compared to the other two members of her group, she is the calmer one.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

She, along with her band, was supposedly haunted by a phantom. The gang helped capture the alleged "phantom"; it was really Daniel Prezette, the Hex Girls' songwriter, who despised them because he lost his fame to them. (In Fear of the Phantom)

Season two

She, along with Thorn and Dusk, helped fight the zombies of Rude Boy and the Ska-Tastics. She did this by playing "Good Bad Girls," freeing the townspeople from the dancing "curse." (Dance of the Undead)



  • Kimberly Brooks also voiced the original incarnation of Luna.
  • At the end of Night Terrors, it is shown Velma has a bedroom poster of the Hex Girls.
  • In some instances, she is seen playing a bass instead of the keyboard.
  • She is also featured in the "previously on" recap in The Man in the Mirror.


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