Luis de Potrillo's home is the residence of Dr. Luis de Potrillo, an exchange teacher at Crystal Cove High School.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Mystery Inc. visits the house on a hunch that Luis de Portillo is Que Horrifico, a Mayan monster that had been playing the pan flute throughout a neighborhood in Crystal Cove. They hide behind a window to watch Luis, but he quickly notices. At first he is angry that the gang thinks he is Que Horrifico, but he invites them inside the house as he has begun to think so himself. He believes that he turns into Que Horrifico at night, as the Mayan legend tells of a man who does exactly that. He has the gang tie him to a chair and watch him to see if he turns. However, his theory is proven wrong when Que Horrifico appears in the street.


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