Luis Cepeda is an international con-man.

Physical appearance

Cepeda appears to be of Costa Rican descent. He has dark gray hair and a mustache, and is slightly overweight. Cepeda wears a blue suit over a lighter blue shirt. He wears a wide-brimmed hat and black shoes.


He was determined to keep his gold mining operation a secret, becoming quite difficult if his plans were disturbed. As a con-artist, he will go as far as pretend he has the best interest of his people at heart, when he shows no real signs of any real interest. He also appears to be a backstabber as when Heather Lane was revealed as one of the culprits, he attempted to leave so she would take all the blame until Velma Dinkley stopped him.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Heather Lane and Luis Cepeda apprehended

Heather Lane and Cepeda are taken away by the police.

Cepeda led Melbourne O'Reilly to the Temple of Agazar where the bones of the Gigantasaurus were kept. He advised the archaeologist to not remove the bones to prevent him from being cursed by the Dinosaur Spirit. He then fled from temple when the Spirit appeared.

After the Spirit terrorized the exhibition at the Costa Rican Museum, he begged Dr. Armando Gutiereez the curator for the immediate return of the bones. He warned him that if they weren't returned, greater disaster will befall the museum.

When Velma put his photo in a facial recognition program, he was revealed to be an international con man. He was known for illegally selling antique artifacts on the world's black market. This brought him under suspicion of being the Dinosaur Spirit.

He arrived at the museum's cinema upon Velma's request. That's where she revealed his motives for controlling the creature. He had discovered an active vein in the gold mines under the museum. He had Heather create a skin for a mechanical excavator to give it the appearance of the Gigantasuarus. Then they controlled the monster to gather the gold and scare away people who came too close. He also fabricated the Gigantasuarus skeleton out of the bones of other dinosaurs. Then he planted the bones at the temple to scare people away, because that was where he was storing the gold until it could be sold. He was arrested alongside Heather.



Luis: We would've gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling turistas.

In other languages

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Tommy Karlsen Norwegian
Adam Fietz Swedish
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