Lord Valdronya was the disguise of Vincent Van Helsing in the 2012 direct to video film Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire, and was also a centuries - old vampire. By staging a "vampire wedding" on his grounds Van Helsing hoped to make his place famous and increase sales of his books.

Physical appearance

Lord Valdronya appears very bat-like with glowing, green eyes, pointed ears, long fangs, claws and a bat-like snout. He appears to have what looks like black makeup underneath his glowing eyes. Valdronya wears purple garments with a vampire talisman holding his cape. Valdronya's hair is dark gray in places while other places are light grey.

His bat form appeared in two versions. One version was a like a green ghost. The other was seemingly a common looking vampire bat but enormous in size. Both bat forms were really big in size and aggressive looking. The first one could go through walls like a ghost, while the other one could produce Valdronya's Aphrodite mist when turning from bat to actual vampire.


Lord Valdronya has the typical personality of an everyday vampire. He sings in rhymes. He had shown to be expontetially mean, compared to other vampires, shown to have a powerful will to capture Daphne, in order to possess a Vampire Bride, and his toughness was shown even more when he was chasing down Scooby and Shaggy without a stop, through obstacles including even an old guy hitting Valdronya's head. Yet the powerful Vampire didn't stop.

Powers and abilities

Valdronya with fireballs. (in this specific image it's (probably) Vincent Van Helsign, but it's worth showing since both the real and the fake Valdronya used fire)

There were apparently two of them, one fake, revealed to be Vincent Van Helsing and one real.

Real Valdronya

  • Flight: Valdronya could fly.
  • Aphrodite mist: Valdronya was able to transform into a misty veil and create mists.
  • Valdronya's Aphrodite mists. (in this image it's the real Valdronya)

    Mesmerism: Valdronya was able to hypnotize his victims and occasionally make them fall in love. (part of his Aphrodite mists)
  • Pyrokinesis: Valdronya had the ability to throw fireballs.
  • Bat - form: Valdronya could turn into a giant bat in two forms. (one could produce Aphrodite mists, the other go through walls)
  • Teleport: Valdronya could seemingly teleport, shown when hypnotized Henry and was later in the theater.
  • Ghostly Nature: Valdronya seemed to be partially a ghost, being able to go through walls.
  • Oxygen independence: Vadronya could survive underwater for a long period of time.

Van Helsing

  • Flight: Jet boosters hidden underneath his boots allowed him to fly.
  • Pyrokinesis: He could throw fireballs by using concealed flamethrowers.
  • Mesmerism: He was able to hypnotize his victims by using knockout gas. (unlikely)

Please note that mesemrism Van Helsing is marked as unlikely as it was seemingly seen in the real Valdronya, and not Van Helsing. It's very unlikely that Van Helsing actually used knockout gas, since all his gas did was to make everyone cough rather than hypnotize them or make them fall in love, which was seemingly seen only by the real Valdronya. (See talk page)


Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

Lord Valdronya in his glass tomb.

Lord Valdronya was said to be entombed in glass for nine-thousand years and was later made as part of the collection in Vincent Van Helsing's vampire museum. Shortly after Van Helsing introduces Valdronya to Mystery Inc., he is resurrected by the Fangenschanz theater troupe in their theater and escapes in bat form. Later on Mystery Inc. returns to Van Helsing's vampire museum to find out how Valdronya escaped; however, Valdronya confronts Daphne Blake with the Vampire wedding jewelry which he stole from the vampire museum. Later on after Mystery Inc. tries to find information about the vampire attacks from Jesper Poubelle they flee in the Mystery Machine and Valdronya attacks them hoping to kidnap Daphne; however, he lets go of Daphne's arm when he realizes he is about to hit a bridge.

Vincent Van Helsing unmasked.

However Valdronya does not give up and talks to Bram and the rest of the Fangenschanz members into kidnapping Daphne and she is later taken to the swamp where they a temped to have a vampire wedding. After the Fangenschanz temps their chant and summons Valdronya, he knocks them out with his Aphrodite mist telling them that when they awake they will be immortal and uses it to put Daphne into a state of sleeping and make her fall in love with him. However, Shaggy Rogers tries to take a photo of Valdronya with Daphne and he begins chasing Shaggy. In this scene we have apparently seen both the real and fake Valdronya indirectly.

It is unknown what happened to the real Valdronya. The fake one is later revealed to be Vincent Van Helsing when the knock-out gas on Daphne wears out and his cape is torn of with a swamp boat fan, and later on staked to a tree by Fred Jones. It was also revealed that his power of flying was created by the flying shoes that he had earlier stolen from Tulie. It is unknown what happened to the real Valdronya.


"Close your eyes and come to me,

When you wake then you shall be,

Alive for all eternity,

With me."

"Dark of the moon and beauty so bright.

Spirits arise and call to the night.

From Earth to the Stars and all that's between,

Beware and behold the vampire queen."

''Bow down before your king''

- Lord Valdronya



  • Given his attire and his personality, along with his accent and his true identity being 'Van Helsing', he seems to be based on Count Dracula as he wants a vampiric bride, with Daphne playing the role of Mina and the vampire-based band being his vampire servants.
  • His facial appearance is also very similar to the movie vampire Nosferatu, from the film of the same name.
  • He is similar to Aphrodite, hypnotizing his victims, and tending to keep on going after his enemies even through obstacles. He also demands the Fangenschanz to bow before him, so does Aphrodite, demanding her enemies do so. Generally, his personality does indeed resemble that of Aphrodite.
  • While not quite clear what his name means, it's possible that it means ''forest'' or ''dwelling''. Possibly comes from Valdron, commonly known as Waldron, meaning forest. ''Nya'' or ''Nia'' might be referring to Transylvania, which also means beyond the forest. People with this name have it as Valdronia instead of Valdronya. Possibly linked to Transylvania.
  • Additionally, his name might mean. ''Lord of Venus''. Venus / Aphrodite was the goddess of love in Greek mythology. His name seems to have the word ''Lord'' in it. Vanya or Vania was an old reference to Venus, roman name of Aphrodite. So the word Valdonya might mean Lord of Venus. He does posses major similarities with the deity, like hypnotizing enemies, making them fall in love, rising out of water with sea foam, searching beauty and innocence, creating mist and even his hair is waving in a strikingly similar way to the goddess Aphrodite. (it's almost certain that Valdronya means Lord of Venus, because Transylvania can't be written with Nya, while Vania / Vanya can be written with both Nia and Nya, so can the name Valdronia / Valdronya)
  • For more information of the real Valdronya, take a look at the Talk page.