Lila was the backup singer of the Alex Super Experience.[2]

Physical appearance

Lila is a Caucasian female, with long black hair. She wears a teal dress and a white headband.


Lila first appeared to be caring and humble, though that was merely a façade that hides her possession of a knack for money when she realized how much their song would be worth. She was selfish enough to be willing to team up with Roger to betray her friends for the money. In addition, she was demonstrated to be short-sighted when she and her co-conspirators were so bent on their revenge on the gang that she failed to notice the presence of gas reserves near the castle that could've resulted in a more profitable venture than seeking revenge on the gang.


Early life

She was raised in a plantation house.[1]

The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

Lila (left) and the Mamba Zombie accomplice (right).

She performed on stage, while Mystery Inc. watched in the audience. She then faked her disappearance and turning into a zombie.

Mystery Inc. caught her and the band's manager, Roger, revealing that the two were trying to scare the group into signing over rights for a song.[2]

Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy

Some of the case was shown (including the unmasking) on Daphne Blake's webshow when AlexSuperFan2112 asked her if the gang was responsible for the break-up of the band.

Lila unmasked from her gypsy disguise.

Since that case, Lila joined with Cuthbert Crawls, Mama Mione and C.L. Magnus to get revenge on Mystery Inc. She disguised herself as a gypsy merchant, and used an inflatable dress to take away Daphne's beauty. After she was captured, she revealed how the villains came together. Lila was then shocked to hear from Velma Dinkley that she and her allies could had made a fortune from selling the gas, instead of taking revenge.[1]



  • Even though Lila and Mama Mione's eye colour is kept the same in reused footage from their respective original episodes, newly animated scenes of them switches their eye colour, so Mama Mione's is now black and Lila's is now green.


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